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The spine to any system is the equipment. It's the focal sensory system of any very much associated business. Quality servers and PCs guarantee that issues and problems are limited, so that IT offices can concentrate on guaranteeing a smooth running system. Innovation moves at a persistent pace and when you're hoping to put resources into new equipment for your business, we can furnish you with the advantage of our mastery.Prologins offering the great deal on laptop sale, server sale , workstation sale ,used laptops,used servers , refurbished laptop or refurbished server. We have both old and new laptops,servers, desktops and workstations.We also provide service to refurbishrd laptop and refurbished servers. Here we are providing laptops in bulks and in individual piece of all brands like DELL, LENOVO, HP, IBM THINKPADS etc.Prologins has also giving the best deal on servers and workstations.

Here we have all branded servers like DELL, IBM, HP, FUJITSU, LENOVO and many more. Buy all brands of Refurbished Servers, used servers, unboxed servers, second-hand servers, pre-owned servers such as Dell, IBM, HP etc at a cheap price in comparison to other market dealers and distributors. We are offering high-end enterprise servers that support any kind of applications without fail.

We can provide real-time pricing and availability for a whole host of hardware including all kind of SERVERS , WORK STATIONS , LAPTOPS and DESKTOPSDelivery of the products will be done to any location with a standard return policy.Contact us to know more about this deal .

Laptops & Desktops

Need used or new Laptops ? Prologins offering the best deal on new and used laptops .We are giving old and new laptops.Also we are giving refurbished laptops. Here we are providing laptops in bulks and in individual piece also.

Our 24/7 active team is always active to slove any issue regarding the laptops , refurbished laptops service etc. You can contact us any time when ever you need.

Here we have :
IBM THINKPAD T Series and X series( 1st gen to 6th Gen) Laptops & Desktops
> DELL (Bussiness series) Laptops & Desktops


Prologins has also offering best deal in market on Server saleboth for used server sale and new servers.We are also providing service to Refurbished Server. We have all kind of branded servers and Workstations .

we know that you have certain requirements are attempting to take care of a business issue. This learning, and the substantial strides Prologin Solutions takes to guarantee.

Here we have :


Advantages of Buying Used server: Being an early adopter is costly, particularly when the previous model as of now gives twofold the torque and usefulness required. For a prospering business, or even a built up one that needs to amplify costs, it is hard to pay twice as much as you ought to. Organizations that can't buy the innovation important to stay aware of their rivals are deserted and being deft helps you defeat them. Purchasing utilized enormously diminishes the underlying interest in the equipment.

It by and large just takes a couple of months for innovation to begin cycling into the utilized market, and in light of the fact that innovation doesn't really refresh as fast as we think it does, utilized equipment still contends with the new models available. Furthermore, in light of the diminished costs, you can even buy a superior bit of equipment than you would have initially possessed the capacity to buy. The utilized market is particularly extraordinary for servers, as the turnover time for servers is truncated (as a result of how they are utilized by people and organizations) and in light of the fact that they are tough bits of equipment.

Just purchase utilized equipment that is ensured and upheld by an organization guarantee. Purchasing from merchants that don't test and give full guarantees to their items is the means by which you will wind up with harmed or breaking down things. At Vibrant, we test each bit of equipment altogether and assurance that it will fill in also, if worse, than anything you could purchase new.

FAQs ON USED Laptops

Refurbished laptop: In the event that you've at any point pondered what happens to returned PC items, look no more distant than the store racks. For whatever length of time that the item isn't harmed hopeless, the maker can remake, adjust or update it to show up and work like new. Explanations behind returns can go from a scratched off request, so the portable PC is in the same class as new since it was never removed from the crate, demo units found in stores that have been repackaged, to a damaged unit that was pulled off the racks and repaired. Rest guaranteed the maker has done its due determination to guarantee the restored tablet works like new.

Quality Control : The maker will settle the returned item; even put it through tests to guarantee whatever the returnee didn't care for is without a doubt the main issue. Inadequate parts are supplanted with the same or better forms. Hard drives are then wiped clean, and the working framework newly introduced. The restored gadget experiences another arrangement of tests and checks with ensured experts, much the same as the procedure it experienced as another item. As a last touch, it's repackaged in a crisp box before put out available to be purchased.

Why to buy a refurbished laptop over a normal laptop? : Much the same as some other buy, regardless of whether new or renovated, it's best to begin with what you require. Search for a portable PC containing the proper specs for the assignment, regardless of whether it's for regular registering like web perusing and office work, stimulation or gaming. If its all the same to you not having the most recent and most prominent, a refurb is a reasonable decision. Now and again, it's even fit as a fiddle than its shiny new partner since it experienced twofold the quantity of assessments. You might not have the choice of altering the specs before buy, however that is the same than your off-the-rack retail PC. In the event that you should determine each segment, consider saving money on a refurb and putting resources into individual overhauls, similar to a greater hard drive.